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I am your typical wedding romantic type of girl. I am that girl who would carry pictures of wedding dresses with me and that would dress up in wedding dresses that were passed down to me. I love everything that has to do with weddings, however never imagined myself working in the wedding Industry..

That didn't come until after I became a wife, and a mother of two beautiful children. I always have had a passion for creating things. Arts and crafts, flowers, knitting, whatever I could do to be active with my hands, I loved it. So thinking of going back to an office job after maternity leave just didn't feel right. I went after my dream of doing creative things in a wold I have loved all my life. 

Time 4 Flowers started only after being in the Floral Design Program for 2 semesters and I haven't regretted it for a second. 

My love for people, my passion mixed together with my enthusiasm and love for what I do, you will be guaranteed to have great floral work to show off at your wedding!

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